AVM volume 10, issue 2, P33-44 2017 DOI: 10.46784/e-avm.v10i2.69 View full text
Maja Ivić, Marija Jokanović, Natalija Džinić, Vladimir Tomović, Snežana Škaljac, Branislav Šojić, Tatjana Peulić, Predrag Ikonić

Abstract: Marination is oft en used to improve the yield and quality of chicken breast fi llets. Th e eff ects of freezing-thawing prior to marination and marination holding time on the instrumental and sensory properties of cooked marinated chicken fi llets were investigated. Fillets were marinated fresh or stored at -18oC and then thawed prior to marination (frozen-thawed). Fillets were soaked in marinade for 1.5 h and 20 h and then cooked at 175oC for 45 minutes for determination of cooking loss, Warner-Bratzler shea…

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