Baghdad Sci.J volume 16, issue 2, P0361 2019 DOI: 10.21123/bsj.2019.16.2.0361 View full text
Mahmood Et al.

Abstract:       Spray pyrolysis technique was subjected to synthesized (SnO2)1-x (TiO2: CuO) x Thin films on different substrates like glass and single crystal silicon using. The structure of the deposited films was studied using x-ray diffraction. A more pronounced diffraction peaks of SnO2 while no peaks of (CuO , TiO2 ) phase appear in the X-ray profiles by increasing of the content of (TiO2 , CuO) in the sprayed films. Mixing concentration (TiO2 , CuO) influences on the size of the crystallites of the SnO2 films ,th…

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