New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education volume 2019, issue 161, P5-7 2019 DOI: 10.1002/ace.20306 View full text
Elizabeth J. Tisdell, Kalpana Gupta, Kristi Archuleta

Abstract: Weliveinafast-pacedtechnologicalworld,wheremanyofusrushthrough our daily lives, multitasking, while thinking about the next thing we need to get done. We often have more to do in our workplaces than can be accomplished in a 9-hour workday; hence many of us also use driving time to do even more work, phoning students and colleagues about issues that need to be dealt with. Doing so typically means it is one less thing that we will have to do from home or at our official workplaces. In the meantime, we know we n…

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