volume 34, issue 19, P1492-1496 1994
DOI: 10.1002/pen.760341909
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Abstract: The dynamic rheological properties of poly(etherimide)/poly(etheretherketone)/ liquid crystalline polymer (LCP) ternary blends were measured in order to correlate these properties with the morphology obtained after extrusion. The viscosity radio, vd/v,, where vd = disperse phase viscosity and 7, = matrix viscosity, had to be redefined. Below 50 wt% LCP, qd = qLcp, vm = vpEEK+pE, and vd/v,,, < 1. Above 50 wt% LCP, vd = vpEEK+ PE,, vm = vLcp and vd/v, > 1. Fibrillar morphologies were obtained in both cases, exc…

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