volume 169, issue 2, P195-208 2020
DOI: 10.1111/eea.12981
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Uliana Semaniuk, Veronika Piskovatska, Olha Strilbytska, Tetiana Strutynska, Nadia Burdyliuk, Alexander Vaiserman, Volodymyr Bubalo, Kenneth B. Storey, Oleh Lushchak

Abstract: Insulin‐like peptides (ILPs) belong to the insulin superfamily and act as hormones, neuromediators, and growth factors during the post‐embryonic life‐cycle stages of insects. These peptides are encoded by different genes in various species. In the genus Drosophila, eight peptides are known, seven of which are likely to bind the Drosophila insulin receptor, whereas DILP8 is a known ligand of the Lgr3 receptor. Binding of DILPs 1‐7 to receptors leads to activation of intracellular proteins related to the conserv…

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