volume 91, issue 4, P369-389 2019
DOI: 10.23855/preslia.2019.369
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Gyula Pinke, Tamás Kolejanisz, András Vér, Katalin Nagy, Gábor Milics, Gerhard Schlögl, Ákos Bede-Fazekas, Zoltán Botta-Dukát, Bálint Czúcz

Abstract: The Carpathian Basin is one of the most important regions in terms of the invasion of the common ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia) in Europe. The invasion history of this weed, however, seems to have been assessed differently in Austria and Hungary: scientists in both countries assumed that this species had become abundant earlier and had caused more problems in their own than in other country. The goal of this study is to resolve the historical misunderstandings and scrutinize the related popular beliefs by a…

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