volume 10, issue 2, P278-289 2018
DOI: 10.18632/aging.101389
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Mariëtte E.C. Waaijer, David A. Gunn, Diana van Heemst, P. Eline Slagboom, John M. Sedivy, Roeland W. Dirks, Hans J. Tanke, Rudi G.J. Westendorp, Andrea B. Maier

Abstract: Little is known on how well senescence markers in vitro and in situ correlate within individual donors. We studied correlations between the same and different in vitro markers. Furthermore, we tested correlations between in vitro markers with in situ p16INK4a positivity.From 100 donors (20-91 years), cultured dermal fibroblasts were assessed for reactive oxygen species (ROS), telomere-associated foci (TAF), p16INK4a and senescence-associated β-gal (SAβ-gal), with/ without 0.6 µM rotenone for 3 days (short-term…

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