DOI: 10.1590/1519-6984.245124
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F. N. Khokhar, N. Ahmed, A. Ali, K. Gabol, A. R. Khooharo, M. Faheem, A. Hussain, Z. N. Burhan, P. J. A. Siddiqui

Abstract: Abstract The present study reports on seasonal and spatial variations in diversity, distribution and abundance of dinoflegellates and indicates the presence of HAB species in Pakistan waters. A total of 179 taxa, recorded in this study from offshore and near-shore waters, belong to 41 genera in 26 families and 10 orders. The high species count (149 species) was recorded from Manora Island offshore station (MI-1) and 105 spp, 109 spp and 115 spp were encountered from the Mubarak village offshore station (MV-1),…

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