MRS Proc. 2000 DOI: 10.1557/proc-624-59 View full text
C. J. Curtis, A. Miedaner, T. Rivkin, J. Alleman, D. L. Schulz, D. S. Ginley

Abstract: ABSTRACTWe have employed inks containing nanometer-sized particles of Ag and Al (nano-Ag and nano-Al, respectively) as precursor inks for the formation of contacts to n- and p-type Si, respectively. The particles as formed by the electroexplosion process were dispersed in toluene, applied to Si and annealed above the respective eutectic temperatures. In the case of nano-Ag, this directly yields an ohmic contact. However, the nano-Al was found to be coated with an oxide layer that impairs the formation of an oh…

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