International Journal of Production Research volume 57, issue 12, P3935-3953 2018 DOI: 10.1080/00207543.2018.1443229 View full text
Fei Tao, Fangyuan Sui, Ang Liu, Qinglin Qi, Meng Zhang, Boyang Song, Zirong Guo, Stephen C.-Y. Lu, A. Y. C. Nee

Abstract: With the advent of new generation information technologies in industry and product design, the big data-driven product design era has arrived. However, the big data-driven product design mainly places emphasis on the analysis of physical data rather than the virtual models, in other words, the convergence between product physical and virtual space is usually absent. Digital twin, a new emerging and fast growing technology which connects the physical and virtual world, has attracted much attention worldwide rec…

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