Biochemical Pharmacology volume 81, issue 2, P279-288 2011 DOI: 10.1016/j.bcp.2010.10.008 View full text
Maria Jose Garcia-Barrado, Maria Carmen Iglesias-Osma, Veronica Moreno-Viedma, Maria Francisca Pastor Mansilla, Silvia Sanz Gonzalez, Jose Carretero, Julio Moratinos, Deborah J. Burks

Abstract: The diabetic phenotype caused by the deletion of insulin receptor substrate-2 (Irs-2) in mice displays a sexual dimorphism. Whereas the majority of male Irs-2(-/-) mice are overtly diabetic by 12 weeks of age, female Irs-2(-/-) animals develop mild obesity and progress less rapidly to diabetes. Here we investigated β-cell function and lipolysis as potential explanations for the gender-related differences in this model. Glucose-stimulated insulin secretion was enhanced in islets from male null mice as compared …

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