DOI: 10.17265/2159-581x/2018.01.004
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Cássio Stein Moura, Roberto Heemann, Moisés Razeira, Daniela Govoni Sotelo, Gabriela Borges Soares, Giovanna Ramos Garcez, Júlio César Gall Pires, Vanessa da Conceição Osório, Heldiane Souza dos Santos

Abstract: Abstract:In this paper we discuss ways to obtain information about the quality of ground water and their availability. We classify the different approaches in two categories: geophysical methods, e.g., electroresistivity sounding, seismic survey, gravimetry, MT (magnetotelluric) method, and geochemical methods. The former ones are able to provide information on the geological structure, meaning depth, range, amount of water and possible connections among different exploration areas or regions at risk due to c…

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