volume 34, issue 3, P211-218 2013
DOI: 10.1155/2013/915389
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Seong Eun Kim, Uh Jin Kim, Mi Ok Jang, Seung Ji Kang, Hee Chang Jang, Sook In Jung, Shin Seok Lee, Kyung Hwa Park

Abstract: INTRODUCTION: In this study, we determined whether serum ferritin levels could be used to differentiate between fever of unknown origin (FUO) caused by infectious and noninfectious diseases.METHODS: FUO patients were hospitalized at Chonnam National University Hospital between January, 2005 and December, 2011. According to the final diagnoses, five causes were identified, including infectious diseases, hematologic diseases, noninfectious inflammatory diseases, miscellaneous and undiagnosed.RESULTS: Of the 77 p…

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