AVM volume 4, issue 1, P55-62 2011 DOI: 10.46784/e-avm.v4i1.178 View full text
Ivan Pušić, Jasna Prodanov Radulović, Radoslav Došen, Tamaš Petrović, Igor Stojanov, Marko Maljković

Abstract: Aujeszky’s disease (Morbus Aujeszky, MA) is an infectious viral disease caused by swine alpha-herpes virus 1. The disease may be found in diff erent animal species, both domestic and wild, except in primates and humans. Pigs are a natural reservoir of the virus. Th ey are the only species that can survive the infection, but with a possibility of subclinical and latent infection. The main way of spreading the infection is through introduction of subclinically infected pigs into a herd. On the other hand, if the…

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