volume 8, issue 1, P73-74 1972
DOI: 10.1007/bf02497813
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Abstract: Regardless of the technological scheme, roasting of carbonate ores reduces to removal of carbon dioxide, hydram water, and sulfur. Reducing roasting of carbonate iron ores at high temperatures takes place as follows:FeCOa ~ FeO .4-CO.,, ; 3FeCO.~ ~ F%O, + 2CO~ + CO.DesuLfiartzation during roasting of siderite takes place as follows:and the evolved sulfur bums: 2FeS.z ~ 2FeS 4-Sz, S, + 20., -~ 2SO.,.Under the effect of a heat flux with a temperature of 500-1000"C, siderite exhibits a number of physicochemical …

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