AVM volume 2, issue 2, P71-77 2009 DOI: 10.46784/e-avm.v2i2.249 View full text
Sara Savić, Živoslav Grgić, Biljana Vujkov, Ivan Fenjac, Dušan Pajković, Marina Žekić

Abstract: Canine dirofilariasis is a parasitic disease. The causative agent is Dirofilaria immitis or Dirofilaria repens. It may appear as skin or as a heart disease. The heart form of the disease is often named "heartworm" disease, because the adult parasites live in the heart. In the last five years, several cases of dirofilariasis have been reported (Dimitrijević, 1999; Savić-Jevđenić et al., 2004). At the beginning dirofilarias was discovered only as a by-the-way finding during autopsy, but last two years there were…

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