volume 66, issue 8, P5141-5146 1992
DOI: 10.1128/jvi.66.8.5141-5146.1992
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L Poliquin, D Bergeron, J L Fortier, Y Paquette, R Bergeron, E Rassart

Abstract: Radiation leukemia viruses (RadLVs) are a group of murine leukemia viruses which are induced by radiation and cause T-cell leukemia. Viral clones isolated from the BILVL3 lymphoid cell line derived from a thymoma show variable tropism and leukemogenic potential. We have constructed chimeric viruses by in vitro recombination between two viruses, a RadLV that is thymotropic and an endogenous ecotropic virus that is nonthymotropic. We show here that, in contrast to thymotropism determinants identified previously,…

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