DOI: 10.17265/2159-5828/2019.02.004
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Alexander Dmitrievich Reshetnikov, Anastasia Ivanovna Barashkova

Abstract: In Central Yakutia of the Russian Federation 21 species and subspecies of horseflies of two genera are revealed: Chrysops (6 species) and Hybomitra (15 species and 1 subspecies). There are two marked species (dark forms): H. bimaculata var.bisignata and H. montana var. flaviceps. The most numerous species being the main center of population on pastures are 6: Hybomitra montana montana, H. lundbecki lundbecki, H. ciureai, H. arpadi, H. nitidifrons nitidifrons, H. nigricornis (in the amount of 81.46% fees). On t…

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