Biochemical Pharmacology volume 76, issue 10, P1240-1250 2008 DOI: 10.1016/j.bcp.2008.09.006 View full text
Gonzalo Sánchez-Duffhues, Marco A. Calzado, Amaya García de Vinuesa, Francisco J. Caballero, Abdellah Ech-Chahad, Giovanni Appendino, Karsten Krohn, Bernd. L. Fiebich, Eduardo Muñoz

Abstract: Anthraquinones and structurally related compounds have been recently shown to exert antiviral activities and thus exhibit a therapeutic potential. In this study we report the isolation of the 1,4-phenanthrenequinone, denbinobin, from a variety of Cannabis sativa. Denbinobin does not affect the reverse transcription and integration steps of the viral cycle but prevents HIV-1 reactivation in Jurkat T cells activated by TNFalpha, mAbs anti-CD3/CD28 or PMA. In addition, denbinobin inhibits HIV-1-LTR activity at th…

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