volume 294, issue 6588, P1645-1647 1987
DOI: 10.1136/bmj.294.6588.1645
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B G Molloy, O Sheil, N M Duignan

Abstract: AbstractA total of 2176 consecutive patients who had had one previous caesarean section were studied retrospectively. A repeat elective caesarean section was performed in 395 (18.2%). Labour started spontaneously in 1363 patients, 301 ofwhom were given oxytocin to accelerate inert labour, and was induced by amniotomy and infusion of oxytocin in 418 women; 1618 of these 1781 patients (90.8%) delivered vaginally. Patients who had had a previous vaginal delivery were more likely to deliver vaginally again.Those …

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