volume 66, issue 9, P5393-5398 1992
DOI: 10.1128/jvi.66.9.5393-5398.1992
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Abstract: In the spherical capsid of hepatitis B virus (HBV), intermolecular disulfide bonds cross-link the-180 p21.5 capsid protein subunits into a stable lattice. In this study, we used mutant capsid proteins to investigate the role that disulfide bonds and the four p21.5 Cys residues (positions 48, 61, 107, and 185) play in capsid assembly and/or stabilization. p21.5 Cys residues were either replaced by Ala or removed (Cys-185) by carboxyl-terminal truncation, creating Cys-minus mutants which were expressed in Xenopu…

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