Biochemical Pharmacology volume 82, issue 7, P713-719 2011 DOI: 10.1016/j.bcp.2011.04.007 View full text
Dongliang Wang, Tangbin Zou, Yan Yang, Xiao Yan, Wenhua Ling

Abstract: Polyphenols, including anthocyanins, from various plant foods are effective in reducing the severity of atherosclerosis in animal and human studies. Due to the poor understanding of the bioavailability of anthocyanins, the potential antiatherogenic mechanisms underlying the action remain largely unknown. Herein, we found that oral gavage of cyanidin-3-O-β-glucoside (Cy-3-G) could be transformed into protocatechuic acid (PCA), and the plasma maximal levels of Cy-3-G were 3.7-fold lower than that of PCA in the a…

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