volume 157, issue 4, P837-838 2010
DOI: 10.1016/j.combustflame.2009.05.001
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S.M. Sarathy, M.J. Thomson, C. Togbé, P. Dagaut, F. Halter, C. Mounaim-Rousselle

Abstract: This corrigendum corrects the flow boundary conditions for the opposed-flow diffusion flame experiments and, consequently, Fig. 7 appearing on page 862. In Section 2.2, the opposed-flow diffusion flame setup description should read:''A fuel mixture of 94.11% N 2 and 5.89% fuel (99% pure n-butanol or 99% pure n-butane) was fed through the bottom port at a mass flux rate of 0.0131 g/cm 2 -sec, while an oxidizer mixture of 42.25% O 2 and 57.75% N 2 was fed through the top port at a mass flux rate of 0.0126 g/ cm…

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