volume 21, issue 1-2, P3-8 2002
DOI: 10.1016/s0928-4931(02)00053-x
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C. Cali, D. Foix, G. Taillades, E. Siebert, D. Gonbeau, A. Pradel, M. Ribes

Abstract: International audienceThe response of copper (II) ion-selective electrodes based on chalcogenide glassy–crystalline Cu–As–S alloys is described. The potentiometric measurements showed a Nernstian behavior in a large range of copper (II) concentration with short response time and a detection limit close to 1×10−6 M. The selectivity and the effect of the pH on the response have been determined. The chalcogenide membrane/solution interface has been investigated using electrochemical impedance spectrosc…

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