DOI: 10.17265/2159-5828/2019.08.002
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John Wakhanu, Hudson Nyambaka, Judith Kimiywe, Mildred Nawiri, Wilson M. Thagana

Abstract: School gardens growing African Indigenous Leafy Vegetables (AILVs) (Amaranthus cruentus and Vigna unguiculata) were established in Kangundo and Kilalani primary schools in Machakos County, Kenya and children aged 6-10 years (Kangundo, N = 66, Kilalani, N = 46) that met the inclusion criteria participated as study subjects. There were two phases, I (13 weeks) and II (12 weeks) with 4 weeks in between to enable crossover of the school as either experimental or control. AILVs were grown in gardens of the experime…

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