AVM volume 3, issue 2, P13-17 2010 DOI: 10.46784/e-avm.v3i2.198 View full text
Diana Iacob-Obistiou, Romeo T. Cristina, Diana Brezovan, Ileana Nichita

Abstract: Experiments were conducted to evaluate the immunosuppression’s effect on the development of oral candidiasis in Wistar rats. Animals were submitted to immunosuppression in order to facilitate the establishment and persistence of Candida albicans infection. Treatment with drugs (dexamethasone and tetracycline) was initiated 7 days before C. albicans inoculation and lasted until the end of the experiments, day 9 post-inoculation, but at a higher dose for dexamethasone and at a lower dose for tetracycline. The in…

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