volume 32, issue 10, P668-677 1992
DOI: 10.1002/pen.760321005
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Abstract: Abstract The mechanical behavior of various classes of inked and non‐inked (dry) open‐cell foam rollers has been investigated from stress/strain measurements in compression. Hysteresis, creep, and recovery in dynamic loading were used to differentiate the rollers as to their utility in printing applications. Creep, ϵc(t), and recovery, ϵr(t), were determined in a compression mode from force measurements and strain decay, ϵ(t), i.e., Δϵc(t) = ϵ0 – ϵ(t) [ϵ0 = ϵ(t = 0)] or ϵc(t) = 2ϵ0 – ϵ(t). The creep function, …

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