volume 55, issue 6, P1500-1507 1990
DOI: 10.1135/cccc19901500
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Abstract: The reaction of Ga(III) with 4-(4'-methyl-2'-thiazolylazo)-2-methylresorcinol (H2L) at I = 0.25 mol l-1, (NaNO3) was investigated spectrophotometrically. Numerical method was used to evaluate the stability constants of the complexes formed GaH2L2 (log β122 = 37.03±0.09); GaHL (log β111 = 19.08±0.06); GaL (log β101 = 13.65±0.16). A method is developed for the determination of gallium using first and second derivative spectrophotometry and the effect of interferences has been evaluated. The method has been appli…

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