volume 13, issue S335, P105-108 2017
DOI: 10.1017/s1743921317009863
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Matteo J. Boschini, Stefano Della Torre, Massimo Gervasi, Davide Grandi, Giuseppe La Vacca, Simonetta Pensotti, Pier Giorgio Rancoita, Davide Rozza, Mauro Tacconi

Abstract: AbstractOur back-tracing code (GeoMagSphere) reconstructs the cosmic ray trajectories inside the Earth’s magnetosphere. GeoMagSphere gets the incoming directions of particles entering the magnetopause and disentangles primary from secondary particles (produced in atmosphere) or even particles trapped inside the Earth’s magnetic field. The separation of these particle families allows us to evaluate the geomagnetic rigidity cutoff. The model can be used considering the internal symmetric (IGRF-12) magnetic field…

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