volume 24, issue 2, P124-131 2021
DOI: 10.51791/njap.v24i2.2312
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B. R. Olorede, A. A. Onifade, G. M. Babatunde

Abstract: The utilization of Shea butter cake (SBC), a by-product of fat extraction from sheabutter nuts (Butyrospennum paradoxum) was compared with Palm Kernel Cake (PKC) to establish its potential as a poultry feedstuff. A 2 x 3 factorial experiment combining two factors, SBC and PKC at three levels of inclusion (5%, 10% and 15%) was designed. The six dietary treatments were fed to a total of 180 day-old chicks up to 56 days of age. Broilers fed SBC diets consumed more feed (P < 0.05) than those fed PKC diets betwe…

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