volume 79, issue 7, P1057-1060 2015
DOI: 10.1080/09168451.2015.1010477
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Hajime Katano, Masahiro Takakuwa, Takafumi Itoh, Takao Hibi

Abstract: Abstract A colorimetric method for the reducing monosaccharide determination is optimized for the assay of glucose isomerase, which converts glucose (Glc) to fructose (Fru). Test solution was mixed with 20-fold volume of the 50 mM Na2SiO3, 600 mM Na2MoO4, and 0.95 M HCl aqueous solution (pH 4.5), in which a yellow molybdosilicate species was formed. The mixture was kept at 70 °C for 30 min. Test solution containing 10 mM level Fru gave a remarkable blue reaction mixture, in which the Mo(VI) spec…

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