volume 15, issue S1, P65-71 2009
DOI: 10.1017/s1357321700005511
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Carol Jagger, Kaare Christensen, Michael Murphy

Abstract: ABSTRACTIn 1900 life expectancy at birth in the UK was only 46 years for men and 53 years for women. Just over a century later life expectancy at birth has increased by around 30 years and by 2007 had reached 77.5 years for men and 81.7 years for women. The population aged 85 years and over, often termed the ‘oldest old’, are now the fastest growing section of our population. For the 1921 cohort only 18% of men and a third of women reached the age of 85 years but for the 1951 birth cohort it is expected that a…

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