volume 27, issue 1, P211-223 2011
DOI: 10.3233/jad-2011-110209
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Magali Dumont, Khatuna Kipiani, Fangmin Yu, Elizabeth Wille, Maya Katz, Noel Y. Calingasan, Gunnar K. Gouras, Michael T. Lin, M. Flint Beal

Abstract: Increased oxidative stress is implicated in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). A large body of evidence suggests that mitochondrial dysfunction and increased reactive oxygen species occur prior to amyloid-β (Aβ) deposition. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), a component of the mitochondrial electron transport chain, is well characterized as a neuroprotective antioxidant in animal models and human trials of Huntington’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, and reduces plaque burden in AβPP/PS1 mice. We now show that…

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