volume 69, issue 7, P4465-4472 2001
DOI: 10.1128/iai.69.7.4465-4472.2001
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Xiaoping Xu, Stanley C. Holt, David Kolodrubetz

Abstract: Treponema denticola does not appear to produce siderophores, so it must acquire iron by other pathways. Indeed, T. denticola has been shown to have an iron-regulated 44-kDa outer membrane protein (HbpA) with hemin binding ability. To characterize the HbpA protein, its gene was cloned from genomic DNA libraries of T. denticola. Sequence analysis of the hbpA open reading frame indicated that it encoded a 42.8-kDa protein with a 23-amino-acid signal peptide. HbpA has no significant homology to any proteins in th…

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