volume 90, issue 2, P105-134 2018
DOI: 10.23855/preslia.2018.105
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Petr Bureš, Jakub Šmerda, Ester Michálková, Petr Šmarda, Aleš Knoll, Martin Vavrinec

Abstract: The newly described diploid species Cirsium greimleri (2n = 34; 2C = 1929.1±60.6 Mbp) belongs to Cirsium sect. Cirsium and is distributed sparsely throughout the Eastern Alps and Dinarides, whereas the closely related tetraploid vicarious species C. waldsteinii (2n = 68; 2C = 3682.3±69.8 Mbp) is endemic to the south-eastern Carpathians. The ploidy, genetic and morphological separation of both taxa is confirmed using flow cytometry, AFLP and morphometric analyses of 169 plants from 27 populations covering repr…

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