volume 30, issue 44, Pno-no 2010
DOI: 10.1002/chin.199944066
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S. A. Zhirukhina, Al-Haddad Thanaa, A. V. Tarakanova, V. V. Litvinova, N. S. Kulikov, A. V. Anisimov

Abstract: Oxidative Addition of Thiols to Substituted Olefins in the Presence of Transition Metal Peroxo Complexes under Phase-Transfer CatalysisConditions.-Addition of thiols to olefins and subsequent oxidation of the formed adducts with peroxo-complexes of Mo, W, or V under phase-transfer catalysis conditions provides sulfones and sulfides in ratios depending on the structure of the reactants and the peroxo-complex reagent employed. -(ZHIRUKHINA, S. A.; THANAA, AL-HADDAD; TARAKANOVA, A. V.; LITVINOVA, V. V.; KULIKOV,…

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