volume 30, issue 43, Pno-no 2010
DOI: 10.1002/chin.199943213
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Evgeny I. Kvasyuk, Igor A. Mikhailopulo, Joseph W. Homan, Kathryn T. Iacono, Nicholas F. Muto, Robert J. Suhadolnik, Wolfgang Pfleiderer

Abstract: Nucleotides. Part. 58. Synthesis and Biological Activity of (2'→5') Oligoadenylate Trimers Containing a 5'-Terminal 5'-Amino-5'-deoxyor 5'-Amino-3',5'-dideoxyadenosine Derivative.-Ten title compounds of type (I) are prepared by the phosphoramidite method. They are found to inhibit HIV-1-induced syncytia formation with (Ia) and (Ib) being the most active ones. -(KVASYUK, EVGENY I.; MIKHAILOPULO, IGOR A.; HOMAN, JOSEPH W.; IACONO, KATHRYN T.; MUTO, NICHOLAS F.; SUHADOLNIK, ROBERT J.; PFLEIDERER, WOLFGANG; Helv.…

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