volume 30, issue 43, Pno-no 2010
DOI: 10.1002/chin.199943075
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Marina V. Raiman, Natalia A. Il'ina, Oleg G. Kulinkovich

Abstract: A Convenient Method for the Preparation of N-Substituted 1-Acetonylaminocyclopropanes from Acetoacetic Ester Ethylene Acetal.-Starting from the ester (I) a convenient approach to the title compounds (VI) (9 examples) is reported. Key step is the non-catalyzed nucleophilic substitution of the tosyloxy group in the cyclopropane derived from (IV). The products are of interest due to their biological activity and their value as synthetic intermediates for nitrogen heterocycles. -(RAIMAN, MARINA V.; IL'INA, NATALI…

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