volume 15, issue 3, P255-255 1979
DOI: 10.1144/sjg15030255
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Abstract: CHEMICAL COMPOSITION OF THE GLEN GARRY VIEN COMPLEX SIRS T h e chemical analyses of the Glen Garry vein complex (Fettes and M a cdonald 1978) contain extraordinary N i contents ranging from 680 to 1940 p p m in rocks that frequently contain less than 1 % M g O. Although the authors do not mention or explain the N i contents it is notable that even t w o psammites are recorded as having 1660 and 970 p p m N i while t w o granites with 0*10 and 0*08% M g O are recorded as having 1060 and 1940 p p m Ni, i.e. m o …

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