volume 40, issue 20, P3725-3736 2006
DOI: 10.1016/j.watres.2006.08.017
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Cigdem Eskicioglu, Kevin J. Kennedy, Ronald L. Droste

Abstract: Microwave (MW) irradiation and conventional heating (CH) at 96 degrees C was successful in disrupting the complex waste activated sludge (WAS) floc structure and releasing extra- and intra-cellular biopolymers, such as protein and sugars from activated sludge flocs into soluble phase along with solubilization of particulate chemical oxygen demand (COD). Soluble CODs of CH and MW-irradiated WAS were 361+/-45% and 143+/-34% higher and resulted in 475+/-3% and 211+/-2% higher cumulative biogas productions (CBP) r…

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