DOI: 10.2118/29199-ms
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E.S. Carlson

Abstract: COW?W 15% Scclely of Pelrole"m En@weru, l.c. Th[s PV,, m Pm,omd 10, F#@enMon at the 7s$4 E@em RwIo"ai Onlference & Exh!bi(kmbald !" C+larleSIO", WV. U.S.A. &iO NW9mbe, 7994 mls IWWr was selwad for pmsmwlcm by an SPE Prcgmm Commlttm tillovhg Mew.! lnforma!lon cnnmlnedIn an abwad submlted by Mmauthor(.).Oantantsat M !XPW, w Pr-ented, hrw !@ ken mvlew$ by me Society.1 Pelrolwm Englneer9and am s.bleet to .0...4.. by the author(s).TIW rnatedal,-$rmntai, does nci necessarilyrefleti mY Fasttlonofthe SQU.Q at Petrole…

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