DOI: 10.17265/2159-581x/2015.04.002
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Zou Guangfu, Zou Xin, Mao Ying, Mao Qiong, Pan Zhongxi, Zhuang Zhonghai, Zhu Tongxin

Abstract: Abstract: This paper reports Precambrian rock magnetic fabrics in the Nyalam area of southern Tibet. The analytical results of magnetic fabrics show that the values of H are high (> 10% in general), so the ductile deformations of the Precambrian rock are strong. The orientation of the maximum principal stress inferred from the minimum magnetic susceptibility is nearly S-N, NE-SW and NW-SE. The Flinn diagram of the magnetic fabrics show that the strain pattern is oblate and constrictional type. Magnetic foliat…

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