DOI: 10.25136/2409-8701.2020.4.32736
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Шилова Наталья Петровна, Шилова Наталья Петровна, Natalia Petrovna Shilova3, Бруданов Павел Петрович, Колупаева Алёна Валерьевна, Pavel Petrovich Brudanov6

Abstract: This article describes the results of research carried out among youth for determining the perceptions of the image of the future. The image of the future is a dynamic psychological state that sets a vector of life and self-organization of individuals, and serves as the basis for projecting the development of personality and resources, essential for realization of its life path. Leaning on the analysis of existing perceptions of the image of the future suitable for youth, it was established that it relates t…

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