volume 2, issue 1, P51-62 2021
DOI: 10.3390/jnt2010004
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Rashke Eram, Puja Kumari, Pritam Kumar Panda, Sonal Singh, Biplab Sarkar, M. Anwar Mallick, Suresh K. Verma

Abstract: The utility of calcium oxide nanoparticles in the biomedical and physical fields has instigated their biocompatible synthesis and production. Moreover, it is important to investigate their biocompatibility at the molecular level for biomedical and ecotoxicological concern. This study explores the green synthesis of calcium oxide nanoparticles (CaONP) using Crescentia cujete leaf extract. The synthesized CaONP were found to have a size of 62 ± 06 nm and a hydrodynamic diameter of 246 ± 12 nm, as determined by F…

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