volume 169, issue 1, P28-51 2020
DOI: 10.1111/eea.12967
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Eric Conti, Gonzalo Avila, Barbara Barratt, Fernanda Cingolani, Stefano Colazza, Salvatore Guarino, Kim Hoelmer, Raul Alberto Laumann, Lara Maistrello, Guillaume Martel, Ezio Peri, Cesar Rodriguez‐Saona, Gabriele Rondoni, Michael Rostás et al.

Abstract: If you have submitted a manuscript that contains colour figures, it is the policy of the journal for authors to meet the full cost of colour reproduction. John Wiley & Sons Group of companies require you to complete this form. Please fill in your contact details and then complete the table as instructed. Note: this form must be filled in for all manuscripts that have been submitted with colour work, even if you subsequently choose not to publish either in print or online in colour. We are unable to process you…

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