Acta Biotechnol. volume 19, issue 4, P307-318 1999 DOI: 10.1002/abio.370190406 View full text
Z. Bayram, T. Bozdemir, T. Durusoy, Y. Yürüm

Abstract: The biodesulphurization of Mengen lignite by a mesophilic bacterium. Rhodococcus rhodochrous ATCC 53968, was investigated in a batch stirred and aerated reactor. The experiments were carried out at 28 'C with an inoculum percentage, initial pH, initial sodium acetate and lignite concentration of the biodesulphurization medium of 8% [v/v]. 6.5 mM, 20 mM and 20 gil, respectively. Variations in the sulphur contents of the lignite relative to the biodesulphurization period were monitored. The effects of the stirr…

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