DOI: 10.1016/j.clnesp.2016.03.007
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Antonios Koutelidakis, Konstantina Argyri, Zoi Sevastou, Dimitra Lamprinaki, Elli Panagopoulou, Evi Paximada, Aggeliki Sali, Vasilis Papalazarou, Vasiliki Kostourou, Athanasios Malouchos, Vasiliki Evaggeliou, Ioanna Mantala, Maria Kapsokefalou

Abstract: Introduction & aim: Nutritional analysis of meals offered toy hospitalized patients is an indication of dietetic intake when 100% consumption of meal offered is consumed. When nutritional analysis is accompanied with simple visual techniques like food plate consumption it can become an accurate estimation of food intake and thus it is useful for nutritional assessment of hospitalized patients. Materials and methods: Nutritional analysis based on USDA 2011 nutrition composition base and the use of the IDIKA com…

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