volume 275, issue 3, P1864-1872 2000
DOI: 10.1074/jbc.275.3.1864
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Abstract: The carbon monoxide (CO) dehydrogenase of Oligotropha carboxidovorans is composed of an S-selanylcysteine-containing 88.7-kDa molybdoprotein (L), a 17.8-kDa iron-sulfur protein (S), and a 30.2-kDa flavoprotein (M) in a (LMS) 2 subunit structure. The flavoprotein could be removed from CO dehydrogenase by dissociation with sodium dodecylsulfate. The resulting M(LS) 2 -or (LS) 2 -structured CO dehydrogenase species could be reconstituted with the recombinant apoflavoprotein produced in Escherichia coli. The form…

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