volume 7, issue 3, P97-104 2002
DOI: 10.17986/blm.200273483
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Musa Dirlik, Mustafa Selim Özkök, Ufuk Katkıcı, Özlem Erel

Abstract: SUMMARYIn this study, we aimed to determine the characteristic of victims and assailants in sexual assault. We analysed 554 sexual offence cases, which had been concluded on AydÝn Courts, between 1996-2001. All cases were evaluated according to year distributions, kind of offence, victims and assailants age groups, occupation of assailants, and decision of court.The age range for the victims was 3-85 years and mean age was 17.68±9.80 yaers, for assailants the age range was 11-71 years and mean age was 25.66±1…

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