volume 192, issue 4, P1433-1439 2014
DOI: 10.4049/jimmunol.1302139
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Katelyn T. Byrne, Peisheng Zhang, Shannon M. Steinberg, Mary Jo Turk

Abstract: Vitiligo is a CD8 T cell-mediated autoimmune disease that has been shown to promote the longevity of memory T cell responses to melanoma. However mechanisms whereby melanocyte/melanoma antigen-specific T cell responses are perpetuated in the context of vitiligo are not well understood. The present studies investigate the possible phenomenon of naïve T cell priming in hosts with melanoma-initiated, self-perpetuating, autoimmune vitiligo. Using naïve pmel (gp10025-33-specific) transgenic CD8 T cells, we demonst…

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